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Addington TimeBank

Using this site

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What is Timebanking?

Timebanking is a way for local people to help each other, build relationships and be recognised for the help that they give.

For every hour’s help a member gives another (e.g. Te Reo lesson, cleaning out guttering, web design) they receive one time credit which they can then spend on receiving help from another member (dog walking, bike fixing, horrible internet connection problem solving).

All credits are logged through the database. Here’s an example

1. Manu helps Matt design some leaflets for 2 hours

2. Matt helps Beverley clear her garage out for 1 hour

3. Beverley helps Manu weed his garden for 1 hour

4. Manu has 1 credit left in the bank and spends it on a 1 hour Te Reo class.

No money changes hands at any point – and it doesn’t affect anyone receiving benefits. Most importantly, in the Timebank an hour is worth an hour, no matter what the skill on offer. So if you give legal advice for one hour, that’s one time credit. If you help someone with their shopping for an hour, that’s also one time credit.

1 hour = 1 hour.

Time banking helps people make small, meaningful relationships in their communities, builds confidence and provides a way for people to learn new skills. Ultimately, it’s a way to build stronger communities, making them better for us all to live in. High hopes eh? Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Find out more about how it works, our code of conduct, and look at our handbook by checking out our local Website