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Addington TimeBank

Apply for membership in Addington TimeBank

Membership Requirements

Welcome to Addington Timebank. 

Check out our website at to find out more about timebanking and what membership is all about.

  • Fill in the membership form and verify your email address by replying to the email sent to you

  • Email the details of two referees (these can be a friend, family, colleague, fellow community group member...) who can vouch for your good self to

  • Fill in your profile with picture and something about yourself

Assuming your referees think you are a good sort, your membership status will be approved and you will have access to the offers and requests available.

It's great if you then post some of your own offers & requests and reply to other member's service ads

We'd love to meet you to ensure you know how to use the software and to get to know you a little so we can broker trades with other members for you. Give us a call and come & see us, or we can come and meet you!